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Nigeria Strip of Men’s National Football Team

Vested conditions have been changed by Naija in 2018, and new standard were made thereof. Inspired by the traditional aesthetic of an agbada robe, the Nigeria soccer jersey is printed with a hand drawn pattern, a classic symbol of Nigeria heritage with nods to nobility and family. The green Nigeria Football Federation crest sits in the centre of the chest, with a Black Nike Swoosh underneath it. Numbers and names are combined with eagle feather in design.

Naija in a new typeface is printed onto the inside collar of the shirt and the back of socks. Different from the home jersey, the away jersey is inspired by a traditional artistic movement. The main grey away jersey are printed with subtle intriguing pattern on upper chest and two short sleeves, even on lateral panels. A green and white exotic pattern appears on the collar, side stripes and sleeve cuffs.

The creatively deformed eagle feathers are arranged in sequence and gradually become larger, creating a strong visual impact. The V on the front of the collar overlaps slightly, and the overlap on the back of the collar is relatively larger. The Naija collection will include a rich collection of Super Eagle clothing such as capes, vests and skirts and more.