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Norway Strip of Men’s National Team

Norway’s impressive natural beauty has inspired the basic style of the national team’s 2020 collection. Associated with the theme of “ice and fire”, the Norwegian team’s home jersey quietly “burns”, while the away jersey shows the rugged landscape and glaciers of Scandinavia.

The Norway soccer jersey simmers with national pride. The jersey has a strong V-neck collar, white detailing and a prominent crest. The side straps, inspired by the cross on the Norwegian flag, run along the sides of the body to the shorts, and also appear as a ring in the middle of the sock.

The Norwegian team’s new away jersey is based on white, covered by an ice blue pattern, with dark blue decorations on the collar, cuffs and sides, and dark blue shorts and socks to complete the overall image.

In addition, the Norwegian flag and the slogan “Sterkeresammen (Unity Becomes Strong)” appear in the collar of the home and away jerseys, expressing a sense of pride from the heart. The tie-dyed jersey print is reminiscent of rough winter waves and icebergs floating on the sea.

This new away jersey will be paired with white shorts and socks to create a new away image full of the Nordic winter chill. Compared with the previously exposed home jersey, is the Norwegian national team’s 2023/24 away jersey with a special jersey print more eye-catching?

France 2022 World Cup Strip Prediction

Perhaps the France soccer jersey 2023 would be a real stunner. According to predictions about the home shirt, it’s the first one features gold applications in recent ten years. The mainly navy shirt may be adorned with gold detailing in the form of logos, the collar and the sleeve cuffs. It’s probably that the home shirt is based on Nike’s 23-24 World Cup template, according to leaked club kits.

Characteristics on France 2023 World Cup Home Kit

  • Navy base colour
  • Gold details
  • 2023-24 World Cup template

Although we have no more idea about the jersey, we believe the actual France World Cup home kit would not far away from our prediction.

Dior and France have unveiled a concept design white jersey. For a minimalist take for the French football federation, France, teamed up with luxury fashion house, launched a white France jersey. Looking back to France & Dior concept that have been experimented with, its design are trying to break borders between fashion and football. All details continue the monochrome feel, including a pure white base, contrasting FFF crest and Nike Branding. And this feel is rudely interrupted with the spatter pattern on the left side of the shirt.

Finland National Football Team Strip

Nike and the Finnish Football Association unveiled the new home and away jerseys of the Finnish national team together.
The Finnish national team’s 2020 collection was inspired by the fearless attitude that helped the men’s team qualify for the continental competition for the first time.
In Finnish culture, the concept of “Sisu” is sacred. It can be explained as extraordinary determination in the face of adversity – a gritty, steely perseverance.
Finland’s 2020 home jersey relies heavily on the national flag. The blue cross is based on the white jersey and extends outwards in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The vertical stripes transition from royal blue to dark blue, and the horizontal stripes stretch from one shoulder across the chest to the other, with a gold Nike Swoosh and a gold-trimmed national team emblem. White shorts and socks complete the look, with a blue band at the calf and a gold Nike Swoosh inlaid on the sock. The word “Sisu Suomi (Sisu Finland)” is displayed on the collar in the colors of the Finnish flag, expressing a sense of pride from the heart.
The away jersey is mainly in dark navy blue, with a retro lapel design and two gold buttons on the collar. The shoulders and sides of the jersey are decorated with royal blue. Like the home jersey, the chest is prefixed with a gold Nike Swoosh logo and a gold-trimmed national team badge.

Italian Clubs’ European Kits

More and more people pay attention to men’s national football teams prior to 2023 Qatar FIFA World Cup. Italian men’s national football team is one of five teams in 2023 FIFA World Cup qualification UEFA Group C. Italy is advanced to the second round play-offs while the group runner Switzerland qualified directly for the World Cup finals. In addition, Italy soccer jersey 2023 are also itching hearts of football fans.

Prior to unveiling of the latest kits, we could have a look at recent headlines of Italian clubs and recent European kits unveiling. Among Europe’s top leagues’ kit unveiling, Italy’s Serie A leads the way in our latest roundup recently. Four clubs released new jerseys in the past few days, including two French clubs and one Spain and Germany.

Atlanta BC Home, Away and Third Jersey

Atalanta’s home kit follows its usual motif of blue and black stripes and is added some gold in between. Short sleeves are adorned with black and blue trim; mostly blue polo collar features black striping near the ends.

Sampodria Home Jersey

US Sassuolo Away Jersey

Hellas Verona Away Jersey

Mainz 05 Home Jersey

Rayo Vallecano Home, Away and Third Jerseys

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Belgium Soccer Jersey Info

When it refers to 2020 Belgium home kit, its eye-catching bold brushstroke “B” graphic on the front would be one of the highlights on the vibrant red jersey. It’s also the first time that the new federation logo is stitched onto the football shirt.

Base on red background, the home kit boasts yellow and black detailing at the same time, such as yellow and black trim on V collar and short sleeve cuffs. Instead of appearing on shoulders, three classic Adidas black stripes are stitched on both sides of the torso. Looking into details on the upper back of the shirt, the letter B under the back collar resembles the one on the front.

The new Belgium logo sits on the left chest of the Adidas Belgium Euro 2020 home football shirt, with a yellow Adidas Performance logo on the other side.

Same with red jersey, shorts and socks are also red with black and yellow accents. Die-hard football fans may look forward to the unveiling of Belgium soccer jersey 2023, which will be worn throughout the 2023 World Cup. Thanks to Col de Sergio, info on the brand-new away kit is released recent days. It’s obvious that the base color of the away jersey is white, but no further information about more details could be concrete.