Poland Strip of Men’s National Team

In retrospect to Poland football history, loads of inspirations could be found from classic jerseys of their golden age. Moving the eagle to the centre of chest is also a way to pay homage to the rich heritage.

New Poland soccer jersey is presented in a white tone, with a retro lapel matching two buttons, both of which are engraved with a white eagle pattern. The collar has a bold red trim, just above the enlarged coat of arms. The Nike Swoosh is on the right side of the chest and the player number is on the left. White shorts and socks complete the look. In addition, there is a logo of the Polish national team in the collar of the jersey, expressing a sense of pride from the heart. When the collar is raised, the words “Polska (Poland)” will also be displayed.

Poland’s away kit includes a red jersey, white shorts and red socks. The jersey has a novel V-neck and characteristic cuffs inspired by the national flag pattern. Like at home, the national emblem is still in the centre, except that there is a smaller version behind the away collar. Buy cheap soccer jerseys at the USA Mailloten.com.