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Colombia’s World Cup Hopes on Brink

Argentina continued their unbeaten record to 29 games after play with the toothless Colombia 1-0 in a World Cup Qualifier. Ecuador has never qualified for a World Cup in the 21st century. Although now playing in three, they are very close to the fourth after a 1-1 draw away to Peru on Tuesday. It’s probably that two of Uruguay, Peru and Chile will take place Ecuador, but it’s also difficult, too. Not only Uruguay and Peru will play in the penultimate round, but also Uruguay will play Chile in the round after that.

Besides, Ecuador are losing goal difference gradually, though they are 10 goals better than their rivals. We all know that it’s not guaranteed by mathematics. We could conclude that Ecuador will join Brazil and Argentina as representatives of South America in Qatar. The Ecuador turned to be very negative and overly concerned with running down the clock. Looking back into their previous performance in qualifications, they should have been sealed the berth at World Cup.

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Chile FIFA World Cup Home Kit

Chile’s brand-new Adidas home kit was debuted in a match against Peru, ended in a 2-0 loss. So they still need competing in the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Retro stylized numbers stands out of the kit. And the federation announced that both kits would be used for the reminders of the qualifiers. They really hope that a new set of Chile soccer jersey 2022 to be released while should Chile qualify for the FIFA World Cup firstly. Similar to Portland Timbers and Inter Miami, the Chile football shirt 21-22 boasts traditional red color and blue and white trim in the form of the collar and the sleeve cuffs. 

Three signature three stripes on the shoulders and Adidas logo on the right chest are coloured in white. Blue shorts and socks round off  the home kit.

Chile away football shirt for the 2o21-22 season is predominantly white with blue and red detailing in the form of logos, the collar and the sleeve cuffs. The crew-neck collar is adorned with double trim in red and blue, and short sleeves are also finished with the same double piping. Blue Adidas logo and Chile crest sit on the right and left side on the chest. White shorts and socks round off the simple look.


Germany World Cup Home Kit Info

The manufacturer of Germany kits have released new Adidas logo on Germany soccer jersey 2022 that would be worn at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Color scheme of the Germany home jersey are known now.

Released photos show that the new Jersey is mostly white with black and metallic gold detailing. Looking back to the last two decades, only minor amount of gold detailing are applied onto previous kits, in the purpose of displaying colours of German flags. In fact, gold appear on the most recent 2020 home jersey among many home jerseys, while it’s not metallic gold.

In addition to gold accents, the Germany home jersey is mostly white with horizontal black pinstripes on the front and sleeves. Those pinstripes feature a subtle brushstroke effect. Black, red and gold, colours of the flag, were included into the whole design, appearing on the sleeve  cuffs of the Germany Euro 2020 home shirt. A simple black crew-neck collar and lateral Adidas stripes round off the Germany Euro 2020 home jersey.

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Italian Clubs’ European Kits

More and more people pay attention to men’s national football teams prior to 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup. Italian men’s national football team is one of five teams in 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification UEFA Group C. Italy is advanced to the second round play-offs while the group runner Switzerland qualified directly for the World Cup finals. In addition, Italy soccer jersey 2022 are also itching hearts of football fans.

Prior to unveiling of the latest kits, we could have a look at recent headlines of Italian clubs and recent European kits unveiling. Among Europe’s top leagues’ kit unveiling, Italy’s Serie A leads the way in our latest roundup recently. Four clubs released new jerseys in the past few days, including two French clubs and one Spain and Germany.

Atlanta BC Home, Away and Third Jersey

Atalanta’s home kit follows its usual motif of blue and black stripes and is added some gold in between. Short sleeves are adorned with black and blue trim; mostly blue polo collar features black striping near the ends.

Sampodria Home Jersey

US Sassuolo Away Jersey

Hellas Verona Away Jersey

Mainz 05 Home Jersey

Rayo Vallecano Home, Away and Third Jerseys

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New Heigts of Canadian Soccer

The Canada’s men’s national football team are poised to qualify for the FIFA World Cup after women’s national team coming off a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. So the Canada team may be enjoying the most prosperous and popular period ever.

After such a whirlwind success, the supply of paraphernalia and apparel fails to keep up with the surge of attention. So even basking in the great success, Canadian soccer are struggling to monetize the attentions caught by the Canadian team. Eight months later after the signing of a long-term and multichannel retail partnership with Fanatics, only hats, men’s Canada soccer jerseys 2022 and women’s shirts are available on local online and mortal and bricks store.

Except for supply chain issues, Nike has partnerships with other national football team, which have potentials to sell a lot more than Canada, so they do not want to pay many attentions to the team. Certainly, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for Canadian soccer fans who are taking efforts to show support for their team.

The current dilemma of Canada soccer promotes the team to make advances in merchandising, so that they could get rid of those problems next year.

Special Training Kit of Denmark

After winning qualifications for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the  Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU)governing body of football in Denmark, announced their national team name will replace sponsor logos on training kits during the tournament with human rights messages. Aims at marking the improvement in human rights in Qatar, the human rights messages on training kits are significant parts of a series of critical initiatives.

After a 2-1 win over the Czech Republic in the quarter-finals of UEFA Euro in Baku, the DBU CEO Jakob Jensen added that the men’s national football team has performed well in qualifications. The team has long been strongly critical of the World Cup in Qatar, and they intend to intensify critical dialogue and work for more improvements in the country. Besides, the team has long pay attention to challenges facing FIFA and Qatar, and they would continue to do so.

Qatar has witnessed criticism amid reports of discriminatory laws and conditions for the migrant workers who are preparing the country for the tournament. In order to avoid to promoting the World Cup organizers’ events, The DBU will try to minimize staff and partner trips to Qatar, making participations in finals of the World Cup only sporting participation.

Info on Brazil Home Kit 2022 FIFA World Cup

Detailed info on the design of new Brazil soccer jersey 2022 have been got when Brazil set to play against Argentina. It’s said that a new lighter color scheme will be introduced into the new soccer jersey. Dynamic yellow on previous kit would be taken placed by almost neon yellow.

Some predicated that the new home shirt will feature a small traditional collar in yellow and will be adorned with green and blue trim. Please note that all above info is only a preview and the final shirt design could be different from this to a certain extent. In addition, light turquoise green and saturated blue are applied to the new Brazil football shirt 2022. Certainly, the whole design scheme would be based on 2022 World Cul or 22-23 template, and many examples like shirts of other top clubs are courtesy of such a template.

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Belgium Soccer Jersey Info

When it refers to 2020 Belgium home kit, its eye-catching bold brushstroke “B” graphic on the front would be one of the highlights on the vibrant red jersey. It’s also the first time that the new federation logo is stitched onto the football shirt.

Base on red background, the home kit boasts yellow and black detailing at the same time, such as yellow and black trim on V collar and short sleeve cuffs. Instead of appearing on shoulders, three classic Adidas black stripes are stitched on both sides of the torso. Looking into details on the upper back of the shirt, the letter B under the back collar resembles the one on the front.

The new Belgium logo sits on the left chest of the Adidas Belgium Euro 2020 home football shirt, with a yellow Adidas Performance logo on the other side.

Same with red jersey, shorts and socks are also red with black and yellow accents. Die-hard football fans may look forward to the unveiling of Belgium soccer jersey 2022, which will be worn throughout the 2022 World Cup. Thanks to Col de Sergio, info on the brand-new away kit is released recent days. It’s obvious that the base color of the away jersey is white, but no further information about more details could be concrete.

Algeria Team Kit Info

Algeria and Adidas released the latest 2022 World Cup Algeria home, away and third kit jointly in recent days. It means that die-hard football fans could wear brand-new kits prior to fans of other national football teams.

Based on the default pattern of the Condivo 21 template, the regular fit Algeria soccer jersey 2022 follows white and green color combinations. V collar rounds off three classic green stripes on shoulders whilst green vent panels are on two sides of the torso. Subtle grid patterns could be seen on the front of the home jersey. Short sleeves are finished with green trim with the letter Algeria in green on white background.

Latest Algeria away jersey is predominantly green with white accents, on the basis of home template. The regular fit away kit features V collar white V collar with green trim. White panels under arms add activity into the modern design.

Algeria third jersey 2022 is black with green detailing while V collar is adorned with black trim. Totally different with black and green details, the half-and-half design of short sleeves is adorned with white trims.

2022-23 Algeria Goalkeeper Shirt

The eye-catching all-over pattern on the shirt is similar to the spliced shape of football. Raglan short sleeves are finished with classic Adidas three stripes on shoulders.

Argentina 2022 Home Kit Prediction

The info about Argentina 2022 World Cup jersey was leaked via La Casaca. New Argentina’s home kit is made by Adidas, following its traditional colour combinations — sky blue and white. Indeed, the colours resemble the classic winning kit in the 1980s. Three stripes and Adidas logo could be black. It’s estimated that fanatics could get new home kits after September 2022.

Let’s look at the Argentina home kit 2021 prior to getting Argentina soccer jersey 2022. Argentina debuted the 2020 home kit in a friendly against Japan. In the purpose of paying homage to the late Diego Maradona, Alejandro Sabella and Leopoldo Jacinto Luque, they wore special kits featuring their numbers and names prior to kick-off.

Throughout the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and Copa America finals,  the kit will be wear by players at football matches. One year after its initial plan, the home kit was finally released in March 2021. It’s white with blue vertical stripes on white background, and the unique camouflage pattern of vertical stripes are signs of regions of Argentina. White crew neck and sleeve cuffs round off the clean and cool look, with black shorts and white socks. Recently I bought Argentina kits on Mailloten in America at a competitive price. Highly recommend the online store to fanatics. Hassle-free shopping experience.