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Norway Strip of Men’s National Team

Norway’s impressive natural beauty has inspired the basic style of the national team’s 2020 collection. Associated with the theme of “ice and fire”, the Norwegian team’s home jersey quietly “burns”, while the away jersey shows the rugged landscape and glaciers of Scandinavia.

The Norway soccer jersey simmers with national pride. The jersey has a strong V-neck collar, white detailing and a prominent crest. The side straps, inspired by the cross on the Norwegian flag, run along the sides of the body to the shorts, and also appear as a ring in the middle of the sock.

The Norwegian team’s new away jersey is based on white, covered by an ice blue pattern, with dark blue decorations on the collar, cuffs and sides, and dark blue shorts and socks to complete the overall image.

In addition, the Norwegian flag and the slogan “Sterkeresammen (Unity Becomes Strong)” appear in the collar of the home and away jerseys, expressing a sense of pride from the heart. The tie-dyed jersey print is reminiscent of rough winter waves and icebergs floating on the sea.

This new away jersey will be paired with white shorts and socks to create a new away image full of the Nordic winter chill. Compared with the previously exposed home jersey, is the Norwegian national team’s 2023/24 away jersey with a special jersey print more eye-catching?