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Poland Strip of Men’s National Team

In retrospect to Poland football history, loads of inspirations could be found from classic jerseys of their golden age. Moving the eagle to the centre of chest is also a way to pay homage to the rich heritage.

New Poland soccer jersey is presented in a white tone, with a retro lapel matching two buttons, both of which are engraved with a white eagle pattern. The collar has a bold red trim, just above the enlarged coat of arms. The Nike Swoosh is on the right side of the chest and the player number is on the left. White shorts and socks complete the look. In addition, there is a logo of the Polish national team in the collar of the jersey, expressing a sense of pride from the heart. When the collar is raised, the words “Polska (Poland)” will also be displayed.

Poland’s away kit includes a red jersey, white shorts and red socks. The jersey has a novel V-neck and characteristic cuffs inspired by the national flag pattern. Like at home, the national emblem is still in the centre, except that there is a smaller version behind the away collar. Buy cheap soccer jerseys at the USA

Norway Strip of Men’s National Team

Norway’s impressive natural beauty has inspired the basic style of the national team’s 2020 collection. Associated with the theme of “ice and fire”, the Norwegian team’s home jersey quietly “burns”, while the away jersey shows the rugged landscape and glaciers of Scandinavia.

The Norway soccer jersey simmers with national pride. The jersey has a strong V-neck collar, white detailing and a prominent crest. The side straps, inspired by the cross on the Norwegian flag, run along the sides of the body to the shorts, and also appear as a ring in the middle of the sock.

The Norwegian team’s new away jersey is based on white, covered by an ice blue pattern, with dark blue decorations on the collar, cuffs and sides, and dark blue shorts and socks to complete the overall image.

In addition, the Norwegian flag and the slogan “Sterkeresammen (Unity Becomes Strong)” appear in the collar of the home and away jerseys, expressing a sense of pride from the heart. The tie-dyed jersey print is reminiscent of rough winter waves and icebergs floating on the sea.

This new away jersey will be paired with white shorts and socks to create a new away image full of the Nordic winter chill. Compared with the previously exposed home jersey, is the Norwegian national team’s 2020/21 away jersey with a special jersey print more eye-catching?

Nigeria Strip of Men’s National Football Team

Vested conditions have been changed by Naija in 2018, and new standard were made thereof. Inspired by the traditional aesthetic of an agbada robe, the Nigeria soccer jersey is printed with a hand drawn pattern, a classic symbol of Nigeria heritage with nods to nobility and family. The green Nigeria Football Federation crest sits in the centre of the chest, with a Black Nike Swoosh underneath it. Numbers and names are combined with eagle feather in design.

Naija in a new typeface is printed onto the inside collar of the shirt and the back of socks. Different from the home jersey, the away jersey is inspired by a traditional artistic movement. The main grey away jersey are printed with subtle intriguing pattern on upper chest and two short sleeves, even on lateral panels. A green and white exotic pattern appears on the collar, side stripes and sleeve cuffs.

The creatively deformed eagle feathers are arranged in sequence and gradually become larger, creating a strong visual impact. The V on the front of the collar overlaps slightly, and the overlap on the back of the collar is relatively larger. The Naija collection will include a rich collection of Super Eagle clothing such as capes, vests and skirts and more.

Netherlands Football Kits Men’s

The lion has always been a powerful symbol in Dutch culture, and it roars from the depths of the Dutch national team’s Nike collection in 2020.

“It was very important to create a collection that was extremely nationally proud,” said Scott Munson, Nike’s vice president of football apparel. It’s the first time.”

Derived from the Dutch national emblem and the Football Association coat of arms, the pride, strength and courage of the lion are celebrated in an innovative home kit design that includes a unique knitted pattern depicting the face of a fearless lion. Orange means that the silhouette of the lion gives a firm and tasteful impression. The lion standing out from the jersey will also help the Dutch men’s and women’s teams to bravely present themselves to the world.

The lion is fully integrated into the fabric of the world-renowned Netherlands soccer jersey and is outlined by a strong black V-neck and black side strips embossed with the KNVB text theme. The orange shorts and socks are embellished with black detailing to complete the overall look.

Based on a same template, the Netherlands away jersey features a stylish and confident design, including a buttoned collar with orange piping. Lateral orange stripes are zigzagged on two sides of the torso.

Morocco National Team’s Strip

Many fans are concerned about the release of the Morocco soccer jersey 2022, let’s look for clues from the previously released jerseys, and then reasonably speculate some details of the new jerseys.

Let’s focus on the 2020-21 Morocco soccer jerseys released for friendly action against Senegal and DR Congo. Inspired by national craftsmanship and traditions on art and culture, the Morocco home jersey is recontextualized in an all-over print graphic. The mainly red jersey features a classic green Henley-collar with white logos and green applications.

The alternative jersey is mainly white with green brandings and red accents. White shorts and socks round off the clean look of Morocco away kit.

“PUMA is very proud that we have worked with many African countries over the years to create some very unique and innovative jerseys. They have become part of our brand DNA. At PUMA, we appreciate the incredibly unique personalities of African countries. We ”s new jersey pays homage to these extraordinary cultures,” said David Bremond, head of PUMA’s product line management team. “Our goal is to pay homage to the culture and history of each country. There is an emotional connection to these jerseys, home and away. We want them to wear their colours proudly and keep their home culture in mind wherever they are.”

Italy Football Strip Men’s

Italy men’s national football team, the reigning European football champion, will wear a special edition home kit for UEFA Nations League semi-final against Spain side. Although the Azzurri men’s team will put on the jersey for Nations Leauge in this year only, the women’s side will wear it for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Lithuania and Switzerland side. 

After years of extensive testing with Puma athletes, an extremely lightweight fabric is created and engineered to optimize performance. For the sake of woven fabric with a four-way mechanical elasticity, Puma players and teams become faster and more dynamic. When the going gets tough, every gram counts, so every detail makes a difference in football. Puma aims to push boundaries, innovate and create new products for football in the Faster Football movement. The blue jersey brings together the right fabric, pattern and finishing touches, creating the most practical and lightweight product.

In addition, the unique fabric is engineered with two-dimensional ripstop structure that guarantees resistance, and improves player movement at the same time. Specific design of numbers of panels reduce weight of the mainly blue jersey, too. This specific fabric is incorporated into the Renaissance weave of the current home jersey. Get the Italy soccer jersey right now!

Info Disclosure on England Home Kit 2022

We recently revealed that the England 2022 soccer jersey would feature a small amount of red in the form of “Team Red”. This was an oversight on our end and is not true. The leak was in fact related to England’s 2022 away jersey.

The info about the well-known jersey was disclosed via Gol de Sergio, and it’s certainly that the set will be released in late summer or early fall 2022.

This photo shows the colours of the England 2022 home football shirt made by Nike. The Nike England 2022 home jersey combines England’s traditional white main colour with navy and sky blue. This is the famous color combination of the national team. The colours are reminiscent of the famous Umbro England kit from Euro 1996. In terms of templates, the Nike England 2022 World Cup home jersey will use the Nike 2022 World Cup / 2022-2023 season template. A number of 22-23 kits have already been leaked and it would be surprising if England’s World Cup kit wasn’t based on the same template.
There are no further details about the visual design yet.


France 2022 World Cup Strip Prediction

Perhaps the France soccer jersey 2022 would be a real stunner. According to predictions about the home shirt, it’s the first one features gold applications in recent ten years. The mainly navy shirt may be adorned with gold detailing in the form of logos, the collar and the sleeve cuffs. It’s probably that the home shirt is based on Nike’s 22-23 World Cup template, according to leaked club kits.

Characteristics on France 2022 World Cup Home Kit

  • Navy base colour
  • Gold details
  • 2022-23 World Cup template

Although we have no more idea about the jersey, we believe the actual France World Cup home kit would not far away from our prediction.

Dior and France have unveiled a concept design white jersey. For a minimalist take for the French football federation, France, teamed up with luxury fashion house, launched a white France jersey. Looking back to France & Dior concept that have been experimented with, its design are trying to break borders between fashion and football. All details continue the monochrome feel, including a pure white base, contrasting FFF crest and Nike Branding. And this feel is rudely interrupted with the spatter pattern on the left side of the shirt.

Finland National Football Team Strip

Nike and the Finnish Football Association unveiled the new home and away jerseys of the Finnish national team together.
The Finnish national team’s 2020 collection was inspired by the fearless attitude that helped the men’s team qualify for the continental competition for the first time.
In Finnish culture, the concept of “Sisu” is sacred. It can be explained as extraordinary determination in the face of adversity – a gritty, steely perseverance.
Finland’s 2020 home jersey relies heavily on the national flag. The blue cross is based on the white jersey and extends outwards in both vertical and horizontal directions.

The vertical stripes transition from royal blue to dark blue, and the horizontal stripes stretch from one shoulder across the chest to the other, with a gold Nike Swoosh and a gold-trimmed national team emblem. White shorts and socks complete the look, with a blue band at the calf and a gold Nike Swoosh inlaid on the sock. The word “Sisu Suomi (Sisu Finland)” is displayed on the collar in the colors of the Finnish flag, expressing a sense of pride from the heart.
The away jersey is mainly in dark navy blue, with a retro lapel design and two gold buttons on the collar. The shoulders and sides of the jersey are decorated with royal blue. Like the home jersey, the chest is prefixed with a gold Nike Swoosh logo and a gold-trimmed national team badge.

United States Football Strip New

More “stars and stripes”, less waste, Nike teamed up with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to unveil the new away jerseys for the U.S. women’s and men’s national teams.
Inspired by the “stars and stripes” fluttering in the wind, the jersey is made of at least 75% environmentally friendly recycled polyester fabric, recreating the endless vitality of the US national team on the court.

The new jersey is presented in the iconic navy blue with bright red, and the design is inspired by the “stars and stripes” fluttering in the wind, reproducing the endless vitality of the US national team on the court. Echoing the overall design, the jersey also has an abstract “stars and stripes” hidden in the collar. Continuing the design of the previous generation of jerseys, the Nike Futura font logo appears on the left chest of the jersey, shorts and socks.
The U.S. women’s national team will wear the jersey in their game against the Nigerian women’s national team tonight.

Adidas has teamed up with Major League Soccer (MLS) to launch the official match ball for the 2021 season of Major League Soccer.
The new NATIVO 21 soccer ball features silver U.S. and Canadian flags on the white sphere, with the silver color taken from the Major League Trophy, the highest honor of the game. The red and blue decorative color blocks also come from the American and Canadian flags, and the color blocks also display the names of the cities where all the major league teams are located.

Let’s wait and expect the unveiling of United States Soccer Jersey 2022.